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We are a full service silkscreening and embroidery company serving the greater San José area. Stop by today or contact us for a instant quote.  


394 Umbarger Rd. Unit D
San José, CA 95111
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm



Full Service, Custom Clothing shop with Screen Printing and Embroidery services located in san jose, ca.

We strive to create new and exciting ways to make your custom apparel come to life!


The First of Many


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The First of Many

matthew gallop

Another day, another dollar, but none is sweeter than the first happy customer. Working in the industry for as long as we have, we've seen our share of happy customers, but what inspired us to start out on our own was a belief that customers shouldn't be just happy. They should be Shocked. 

At Shock N Awe prints it's our mantra that the stats quo is not good enough. We believe in wowing customers and making our competitors jealous by making you something special. This something shouldn't just be good, it should be so good that all other somethings are compared to that something from here on out. That special something should make all other coaches come in next year and want that same special something, all the other team moms curse themselves for not thinking of it first, or all of your customers thinking what a genius you are.

Let our creativity and expertise help you, be the champion of shock n' awesomeness.